10 Tips For Eating Healthily On A Tight Budget!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 15th, 2022

6. Embrace whole foods

Embrace whole foods

Whole foods are foods that haven’t been processed, or that have only been minimally processed. So this means plenty of fresh (or frozen) fruit and veg and the store cupboard essentials that we’ve previously mentioned here, including wholegrain dried pasta and brown rice.

Choose brown carbohydrates including pasta, rice and bread over their white counterparts as they haven’t been processed to remove the healthy wheatgerm and important vitamins and minerals. They won’t get broken down as quickly as white carbs and they’ll therefore keep you fuller for longer, reducing the cost of your weekly food bill.

Similarly, plant-based protein sources such as beans, lentils and chickpeas provide slow release energy that will keep you full. Try to reduce the amount of meat you eat, as good quality cuts of meat are expensive. Opt for dried lentils in place of meat in a chill con carne and add tinned chickpeas and fresh cauliflower to a curry instead of chicken.


Staple foods are more cost effective when they’re whole, rather than processed. Plus, they’ll keep you fuller, reducing the need to buy more food to consume between meals.


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