10 Tips For Eating Healthily On A Tight Budget!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 15th, 2022

7. Plan your meals ahead

Plan your meals ahead

Meal planning might feel like a chore, but with practice, it’ll get quicker and easier. Planning your meals for the week, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, will mean that you only buy the food you need, and nothing will go to waste.

You can also take a “shelfie”; a picture of the inside of your fridge and food cupboards so that you can remind yourself what you already have, and you don’t waste money by duplicating.

You don’t need a fancy food planning diary, just a chalkboard in the kitchen will do. Spend some time, perhaps on a Sunday morning, writing down each meal and what you’ll need to buy to make it, before going food shopping.


Meal planning will save you time during the busyness of the working week, and will ultimately save you money on your food shop by preventing you from over buying unnecessary items.


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