10 Secrets Celebrities Use to Look Young

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / March 9th, 2022

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When it comes to shaving off the decades, some celebrities seem to have the knack of looking eternally youthful down to a fine art – but what secrets do they use to stave off the march of time? From Jennifer Anniston’s devotion to drinking water, to Naomi Campbell’s dedication to removing her make-up every night and Christie Brinkely’s enthusiasm for exfoliation, we’ve dug deep to uncover the top tips famous beauties swear by to maintain their youthful looks.

Though there’s now a plethora of fancy treatments on the market like botox, fillers and laser peels, looking your best at any age doesn’t always have to be complicated or expensive. As the celebrity secrets we’ll disclose prove, sometimes the best beauty strategies are the simple ones, like applying sunscreen regularly, and limiting complexion stripping booze.

Would you like to know how Naomi Watts stays looking so flawless into her 50’s, or do you want to find out how to get Jennfier Lopez’s to-die-for complexion? If so, read on, as we reveal the 10 best beauty secrets celebrities use to stay looking young…


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