10 Easy Ways To Reduce Calories

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / May 10th, 2022

2. Don’t sweeten your tea or coffee

2.	Don’t sweeten your tea or coffee

Sugar can be the sneaky saboteur of any attempt to lose weight – and it’s in more foods than you think, from the usual suspects, such as cookies to ready meals and salad dressings. To avoid taking in too much, avoid adding sugar to hot drinks like tea and coffee, as research has linked excess consumption to metabolic disorders and obesity.

As sugar is an empty calorie, without any real nutritional benefit, you’ll be doing your body a favour – as when you consume sugar, your body requires more insulin, which can cause you to store excess fat quicker. By skipping the sweet stuff, you’ll also be giving your health a huge boost, as you’ll be improving your blood pressure along with your chance of heart disease – studies have shown the more sugar you eat, the higher your cardiovascular risk.


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