16 Everyday Foods That Can Increase The Diabetes Risk

By Eloïse Reyns / Nutrition / November 9th, 2019

1. Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

Sweetened Breakfast Cereals, diabetes

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, and it is imperative that you make eating breakfast a regular habit. The benefits are numerous, ranging from lower rates of diabetes to increased satiety and weight loss.

Consuming breakfast first thing in the morning greatly decreases food cravings throughout the day, and you are less likely to be hungry and, thus, less likely to eat too much. Researchers found that people who regularly eat breakfast decrease their risk of diabetes by almost 30% because insulin sensitivity is usually higher in the morning than at other times of the day. Therefore when you eat breakfast, insulin can easily extract glucose from the blood and let the body cells efficiently use it. This leads to lower blood glucose levels and higher energy levels throughout the day.

However, some breakfast foods can negatively impact your day, and what you eat for breakfast needs a close look to ensure you are providing your body with the correct nutrients and a balanced diet. Processed, refined, high-sugar cereals are rich in calories and sugar. When choosing a cereal, it’s important to choose one that is low in sugar and high in fibre. Just ticking the “I have had breakfast” box in any shape or form can become a bad habit that your body will struggle to manage over a long period.

So, try whole-grain cereals that are made with healthy ingredients like nuts, oatmeal, millet, brown rice etc. because they are high in fiber and low in sugar, calories, and glycaemic index (GI) which are highly recommended to combat type 2 diabetes. The good news is that if you choose wisely and watch your portions, you can enjoy cereal. In fact, many cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals, which can help you meet your nutritional needs.


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