Elevate Your Mood, Boost Your Energy, And Live Longer With Weekly Exercise!

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / December 12th, 2019

How to Make Exercise A Part Of Your Regular Routine

How to Make Exercise A Part Of Your Regular Routine

If you’re not naturally keen on exercise, it can be a struggle to motivate yourself to get up, get out there and get exercising. But there are some tricks you can use to help boost your motivation! The first is finding an exercise buddy, someone who has similar goals to you. That way, you can push each other to exercise when you say you’re going to exercise, celebrate each other’s successes and boost each other’s confidence.

Your workout buddy might be someone who you go the gym or an exercise class with, someone who you go running with or someone who’s house you visit (or vice versa) to complete a home workout with. Nothing motivates us more than the guilty feeling of letting someone down if we cancel. So committing to a friend, colleague or family member and making a promise to exercise together will give you both the impetus to move forwards towards your exercise goals.

Another way to self-motivate is to go public with your fitness intentions. Telling friends or even writing a post on social media that you intend to get fit/run a 5km race/go to a yoga class every week makes you more likely to see your intentions through. Also, keeping track of your progress is great for drive and inspiration. If you’re running for example, using a running app like the Nike Run Club or Strava. They monitor your progress over time and you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come. Keeping a mental note of how many squats you can do, or press ups or weight you can lift will also help you measure your progress which has great feel good factor.

Finally, make exercise fun! Choose an exercise that you really enjoy, be that going to the gym, running, boxing, swimming, yoga, indoor climbing, playing tennis or anything else that takes your fancy. Trial a few different exercises (many gyms and sports centres offer free trials so you can experiment before paying any cash) to find the ones you enjoy the most. Exercise doesn’t have to mean doing the same thing all the time either. Mix things up and alternate between different exercises and you won’t find time to be bored. Once you find your groove, stick to it and reap the rewards. You’ve got this!

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