10 Great Reasons To Walk Everyday

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / August 8th, 2020

10. Walk To Improve Digestion

Improve digestion

Who doesn’t love going for a walk to ‘walk off’ a large roast dinner? Those Sunday walks certainly help to let the mountain of roast potatoes and rhubarb crumble and custard go down, don’t they?

Well, it turns out that we’re all onto something, because researchers have found that walking for at least half an hour each day helps to lower our risk of developing bowel cancer.

It’s thought that this is linked to the fact that exercise helps to get the bowel moving. A sluggish bowel often means that food is slow to move along it, and that we suffer constipation. Exercise releases hormones such as adrenalin that helps to move food along the bowel more quickly, meaning that our bowel is less sluggish and we become more regular. This means that toxins and waste cannot accumulate in the bowel, an accumulation of which is linked with a higher risk of bowel cancers.


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