Strengthen Your Immune System with These Simple, Natural Tips

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / April 6th, 2020

Take Dietary Supplements

The Role of Vitamin D in the Body

Sometimes, it’s not always possible to eat the most balanced and healthy diet. Stress, being busy with work and family commitments, a social life and simply not having time to cook, all mean that our best intentions can go out of the window. That’s why so many people rely on dietary supplements to boost an under par diet to where it should be in terms of vitamins and minerals. (Although they should never be taken in place of eating a varied, balanced diet.)

During the winter, when cold and flu bugs are rife, and during unprecedented times such as these when we’re all doing our best to stay well, dietary supplements can be especially beneficial. In particular, vitamins C and D, zinc, echinacea and turmeric.

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that helps to support good immunity by improving the function of the white blood cells. If you only take one supplement to help support your immune system, make it vitamin C.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that we get primarily from sunlight hitting the skin. During the darker months, it’s advised that we all take a vitamin D supplement as we’re all thought to be deficient in vitamin D. Studies have found that vitamin D supplements can have a “mild protective effect against respiratory infections”.

Zinc is a mineral that supports the work of the white blood cells when they’re responding to an infection. Studies show that zinc supplements can reduce the length of symptoms of the common cold by up to 33%.

Echinacea is a herb that I swear by! The science is still sketchy, but some studies do show that echinacea can have a mild protective effect against upper respiratory infections. For me certainly, I keep colds at bay by taking a tincture of echinacea daily.

Turmeric is the spice that gives curries their golden yellow colour, and is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, in particular curcumin. It’s the subject of much scientific study at the moment, and has already proved to be effective at supporting the immune system.

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