10 Ways To Beat Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / October 3rd, 2022

4. Avoid alcohol at bedtime

Avoid alcohol at bedtime

Drinking too much alcohol can drastically impact your energy levels, making you feel tired and sluggish – and if you consume booze before bed it can also affect your quality of sleep. Though alcohol boosts levels of a brain chemical called adenosine, which initially might make you feel drowsy, this quickly wears off, leading you to experience interrupted sleep.

Alcohol also interrupts REM sleep, which is the deep sleep your body requires to fully restore and repair and because it relaxes the airways, it can worsen snoring, and sleep apnea.

As a general rule, avoid drinking at least 4 hours before you’re due to go to sleep, but if you’re seriously struggling with fatigue and insomnia, cutting down on your consumption could help to relieve symptoms. You may even want to consider eliminating alcohol altogether – as one study found that even a single drink can impair sleep quality!

Binge drinking is especially harmful, as it can lead to reduced melatonin levels for up to a week afterwards – and as multiple studies have shown melatonin is essential for sleep, it’s obvious why when you have lower levels, you might find it hard to get enough rest!


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