10 Ways To Beat Fatigue And Boost Your Energy Levels

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / October 3rd, 2022

8. Improve your gut health

Improve your gut health, energy

Your gut is fundamental to your body’s overall health and if it’s functioning poorly, or out of balance, you can feel sluggish or fatigued. Your gut’s delicate microbiome can be thrown out by many things, from food, to antibiotics, and even environmental toxins – but your diet is by far the biggest factor.

Research has demonstrated the link between an in-balanced gut and chronic fatigue syndrome, with CFS sufferers in one study found to have higher than normal levels of bad bacteria and lower levels of good. Another study also found a correlation between energy levels and gut health – so if you’re currently experiencing sluggishness it could be that it’s all down to your gut!

Eating fruit and vegetables that are high in fibre and anti-inflammatory compounds and upping your intake of B vitamins supports the good bacteria in your gut and discourages the growth of bad microbes. Probiotics are also pivotal when it comes to getting your gut back in sync – and you can choose to supplement, or get them from your diet, by upping your intake of fermented foods, like live natural yoghurt, kefir, and sauerkraut.

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