Feel Your Best With Our Top Detox Secrets

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / August 7th, 2022

4. Drink More Water

Drink More Water

Your body is made up of approximately 60% water, so it’s not hard to see why drinking enough is vital to flush out inflammation causing toxins. Studies show the positive impact water has on human health – it’s needed to maintain many critical bodily processes, from healthy circulation and digestion to transporting nutrients and ensuring the maintenance of your body’s temperature.

It’s a pivotal detox aid, as it will help your body shed harmful toxins that build up, such as blood urea nitrogen, which can be passed through your kidneys and out through your urine if you drink enough.

Water also helps to give you energy, by ensuring cells maintain the correct balance of fluids and don’t lose essential electrolytes – if you don’t drink enough, your muscles will suffer, as it will cause a drop in their performance.

So how much water is enough? Well, scientists recommend that men drink at least 3.7 litres a day, while women should shoot for approximately 2.7 – but when the mercury soars, you’ll likely need more, to prevent heat stroke and dehydration occurring.


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