12 Foods You Should Never Eat for Lunch

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 28th, 2023

4. Green Juice

green juice

Green juices may seem a healthy choice to make at lunch but according to research they are also extremely rich sources of oxalates. The problem with this, is that for some people, having a diet rich in oxalates causes several serious health effects, such as kidney stones and kidney failure.

As green juice also usually contains a lot of potassium, due to fruits like bananas and kale, it can further compound the problem. As well as causing other kidney issues, if you already have chronic kidney disease and consume a lot of green juice at lunch, it can lead to potassium overload.

Even if you opt for cold-pressed juice you’ve prepared yourself at home you could still be putting your health at risk, as the bacteria on the outside of the fruit can become mixed into the juice. The pasteurisation process would normally kill this bacteria, but with home squeezed juice, it doesn’t go through this step – and if it’s been sitting on your desk all morning, it could make things even worse!

Green juice is also not the smartest lunch choice to make because it can also be extremely high in sugar, which causes your blood sugar to spike – and then plummet. This will leave you feeling tired and unmotivated, not something you want to experience when you’ve still got hours of your day left. Don’t risk a blood sugar spike, then feel lethargic after lunch – skip the green juice and opt for a water based beverage instead, like infused herbal tea or sparkling fruit flavoured mineral water.


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