12 Foods You Should Never Eat for Lunch

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 28th, 2023

7. Desserts


If you regularly eat dessert for lunch, did you know that you’re setting yourself up for a big fall later?
Sugary foods cause you to experience dramatic blood sugar spikes, so a crash a little bit later is inevitable. If you eat sugary foods for lunch daily, the news is even worse, as studies also reveal that these spikes can lead to serious health issues, like insulin resistance. But there’s another reason to avoid making dessert your main course at lunch- and that’s because it just doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals to be able to feed and fuel your body.

This isn’t good news if you still have the whole afternoon to go, as if you’re flagging you won’t have enough energy to make it through the rest of your day. By skipping the opportunity to give your body the nourishing food it needs, you’ll be placing your system under strain, as it won’t have the nutrients it requires to sustain a healthy level of wellbeing.

There’s one further reason you should resist regularly indulging in sugary treats at lunch and that’s because they pile on the pounds. Researchers have found a strong link between the regular intake of sugar, and obesity, which leads to health issues, such as diabetes, stroke and heart attack. If you want to ensure good health, lower your risk of obesity and stay fully energised, you should definitely dodge that lunchtime dessert!


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