Breakfast: 15 Foods You Should Never Eat In The Morning

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 18th, 2024

2. Pancakes or waffles

waffles, 15 Breakfast Foods that Can Ruin Your Day

If you’ve ever made pancakes from scratch, then you’ll know that they’re made from flour, eggs, milk and sugar, plus a raising agent that gives them their fluffiness such as bicarbonate of soda. Vegan pancake recipes do also exist that include substitutes for the eggs and milk and gluten free flour alternatives can also be used to make gluten free pancakes.

But the one thing they all have in common? Sugar! Waffles are pretty much the same, too. Yet they’re both a very common breakfast option. Adding to the sugar load of a pancake or waffle based breakfast is the fact that we don’t often eat pancakes and waffles plain. Who does?

We load them up with sugary syrups and crispy bacon that’s high in saturated fats and salt, only adding to the calorie content whilst not really adding much to the beneficial nutritional value.

What’s more, more often than not, the flour used to make both is white flour, which has been processed to remove the whole grain and beneficial B vitamins. So it really is best to leave these to holiday breakfasts only!


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