Breakfast: 15 Foods You Should Never Eat In The Morning

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 18th, 2024

6. Low fat or fat free yogurts

low fat yogurt, 15 Breakfast Foods that Can Ruin Your Day

Yoghurt, either made with cow’s milk or a non-dairy alternative such as soya, is a healthy choice as it’s rich in protein and probiotics (good bacteria that help to look after a healthy gut).

So at first glance, we’d be forgiven for thinking that a low or no fat yoghurt was an even healthier choice. But beware. Often, fruity varieties of these seemingly good for us yoghurts contain more added sugar than the full fat varieties! (Even plain or Greek style low fat yoghurts sometimes also contain added sugar.)

The problem is, fats and sugars make things taste good. Remove on, and generally the other is added to enhance the flavour. So if something is advertised as low fat, then always make sure that you check the ingredients list and nutritional information for sneaky added sugars.

They can be listed as sugar, sugar syrups, honey or glucose – if in doubt, check the traffic light system. If it’s red for sugar, then the chances are, your ‘healthy’ breakfast yoghurt contains added sugars.

Aside from that, low fat yoghurt without added sugars isn’t very calorific and won’t sustain you for very long. So add some fruit of your choice and sprinkle with chopped nuts or oats to make a deliciously healthy and filling breakfast.


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