29 Best Fat Burning Foods to Include in Your Diet

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 17th, 2019

22. Bananas

Bananas, 20 Best Fat Burning Foods

Bananas are the perfect portable snack for quick energy and nutrition – they even come with their own biodegradable packaging! They’re one of the most widely consumed foods on earth and can be eaten alone or added easily into smoothies or breakfast cereals.

Bananas are rich in potassium and this helps in maintaining fluid levels in the body and also regulates the movement of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cells. Potassium is also important in helping muscles to contract and nerve cells to respond. It’s also involved in helping the heart beat regularly and can reduce the negative effects of sodium (a type of salt) on blood pressure.

But aside from all this, bananas also contain fibre, which swells when it reaches the gastrointestinal tract, helping to keep the bowels moving, but not so fast that we don’t absorb their valuable nutrients. As a consequence of this swelling (that we don’t notice on the outside), we feel full making bananas ideal for helping us reduce our calorie intake and lose weight.

It’s best to keep bananas away from other fruit as they emit a gas called ethylene which can speed up ripening in other fruits. If you also separate bananas from the bunch, it helps them to not ripen as fast.

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