Are You Refrigerating These Foods? Here’s Why You Should Stop

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 13th, 2023

11. Raw Potatoes

Raw Potatoes

You might not know this, but keeping raw potatoes in the fridge can cause them to rot faster and they can even start producing a cancer-causing compound!

This happens because the average temperature of a refrigerator is far too chilly for raw potatoes to thrive, but if they’re kept at around 50 Fahrenheit, they’ll stay fresh for up to three months.

Potatoes are root vegetables, so they’re best stored in a cool, dark space, as when a potato is exposed to too-cold temperatures it converts its natural starches into sugars. This causes the colour of a potato to deteriorate – but even worse, it can start to emit a really unappealing smell.

Researchers at the Food and Drug Organisation conducted a study which found that acrylamide, a known cancer causing compound, is produced when raw unpeeled potatoes are chilled. When it comes to raw potatoes that haven’t been skinned though, they should definitely not be chilled – but if you’ve already peeled your potatoes, it’s okay to store them in the fridge for up to 24 hours, as long as you cover them in water.


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