Are You Refrigerating These Foods? Here’s Why You Should Stop

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 13th, 2023

3. Cooking Oils

olive oil

Are you aware that you shouldn’t be keeping oils in the refrigerator, particularly if they contain high amounts of saturated fat? If you’re storing coconut oil or lard in the fridge then this really isn’t a good idea, as the light will change the quality – and taste – of your goods.

When it comes to oils with high proportions of saturated fat, it’s better to store them in a cool, dark place like a pantry, or a cupboard under the stairs. In fact, there’s only one kind of oil that’s really suitable for refrigerating and that’s an oil that’s naturally high in monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fat, like Safflower.

Even so, you’ll still shorten the shelf life quite a bit – Safflower oil keeps up to 2 years when it’s not refrigerated, or 6 months if it is – so overall, we think it’s better to keep most oils in the kitchen cupboard. The reason is, even if you refrigerate just these types of oils, you can still alter their texture – for example, though it’s low in saturated fat, Olive Oil will harden when it is kept in the fridge.

While fridges generally help to preserve most food items, oils are definitely the exception to the rule, as they’re best kept out of the fridge in a cool, dry place that doesn’t get much light.


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