Are You Refrigerating These Foods? Here’s Why You Should Stop

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 13th, 2023

5. Unripe Avocados


It can be tricky to locate the perfect avocado, as you need to strike a balance between one that takes ages to ripen and one that will turn to mush practically straight away!

Depending on when you’re going to eat your avocado, you’ll normally want to store it first – but if you’re planning to consume it soon, you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge. This is because storing an unripe avocado drastically slows down the time it takes to ripen – by as much as several days.

Some people have started storing unripe avocados in the fridge in a bowl of water as they’ve heard it keeps the fruit fresher for longer but did you know that you should never do this, as it can produce toxic bacteria that could poison you?

Studies have found that nearly all avocados have bugs like salmonella present on their surface, in microscopic quantities. When you submerge an unripe avocado in water and leave it there, this bacteria can multiply and contaminate your food – and if you eat it you could become seriously unwell. It’s fine to store ripe avocados in the fridge but if they haven’t ripened yet, leave them out at room temperature – and no matter what, never be tempted to soak avocados in water before refrigerating.

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