Avocado: a Superfood for Weight Loss and Heart Health

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / November 7th, 2022

Avocados can help with weight management

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Although dieters often shy away from avocados due to their high fat content – it’s these healthy fats that actually make this pear shaped fruit the perfect partner for weight management. It’s true that compared to most fruits, avocados are rich in fat – and when it comes to avocado calories – well, each avocado has between 200-300, depending on size. Despite this, they’re low in carbs, with an average avocado containing only 9 grams, of which 7 are made up of fibre – and the fats they do contain can help you feel fuller between meals.

Due to their versatility, avocados make an ideal addition to any weight loss or weight maintenance plan, as they can be combined into smoothies, salads, or even scrambled eggs. You can swap out high fat sandwich spreads for slices of avocado, or mash them up into a creamy spread, in place of saturated fat laden mayonnaise.

The fat in an avocado is mostly monounsaturated, so it helps to lower your intake of saturated fat and reduce levels of sodium and cholesterol. As cholesterol can be a contributing factor to stubborn belly fat, this means the avocado possesses yet another weight loss superpower!

Consuming lots of good fats also slows down carbohydrate release, ensuring your blood sugar stays stable, so you avoid those diabetes-inducing peaks and slumps, as well as hunger pangs. Scientists discovered a link between eating avocados regularly and a lessened chance of obesity – in one study of 29,000 people, avocado eaters were found to have slimmer waist measurements and be 33% less likely to be overweight!

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