Avocado: a Superfood for Weight Loss and Heart Health

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / November 7th, 2022

Top 5 ways to eat avocado

How to eat

Avocados are a versatile snack as there are just so many ways you can eat them, from the simple and straightforward to the slightly more complex. We’ve compiled our 5 top ways to enjoy a delicious avocado – from avocado toast to gorgeously garnished guacamole!

1) Enjoy them as they are – Avocados are delicious eaten just as they are, but they are even better seasoned with herbs – so why not try some rosemary or paprika for a spicy twist, or splash on some balsamic vinegar?
2) Spread them on toast – As they have a smooth, buttery texture, avocados are also tasty mashed and then spread on toast. Avocado toast makes a superb alternative to high cholesterol spreads that are abundant with saturated fats.
3) Add them into salads – Avocados shine in salads, where they provide a creamy contrast to crunchy vegetables like carrots and onion. Just add in some avocado slices to boost the nutrient profile of your meal, then season with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, or your favourite dressing.
4) Slip them into a sandwich – Don’t overlook the humble sandwich, which achieves gourmet status with the addition of this simple superfood – and remember adding in some avocado can also improve the taste of burgers and wraps too. Include some avocado in a classic bacon lettuce and tomato sarnie or a chicken wrap, or garnish beef or plant-based burgers with creamy avocado mash to take your dishes to a whole new level!
5) Use them to make your own guacamole – Don’t forget about guacamole – a delicious dip made with avocado mash. Simply take some lime juice, minced garlic and a pinch of salt and add to a bowl of mashed avocado, then blend with a hand with a spoon or, if you’re feeling fancy, an electric whisk. Homemade guacamole is superior to its shop bought counterpart in every way, plus it allows you to experiment with flavours – why not add in cumin or feta cheese, or some cayenne pepper to add a touch of explosive flavour?

How much avocado is good for you?
According to nutritionists, the ideal amount of avocados you should be eating weekly is four, as this quantity will help to reduce cholesterol levels and will provide your body with the perfect quantity of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

As they are fairly high in calories, if you’re on a diet, you’ll want to take this into account – but you don’t have to eat a whole avocado all at once, as you can always just eat half instead. We think taking this approach and spreading out your consumption over the week makes more sense anyway, especially if weight loss is a priority.

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