Fuel Your Body Right: 10 Foods to Steer Clear of After Working Out

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / April 4th, 2022

10. Sports Drinks

Sports drinks

Marketed to exercise enthusiasts as the perfect way to rehydrate after exercise, sports drinks appeal to us as they’re marketed with ‘scientific’ jargon that tells us we need them. But we needn’t waste our money (or the single-use plastics).

Shockingly, the sugar levels in certain sports drinks are as high as some sugary fizzy drinks, and therefore certainly aren’t a healthy option.

It’s important to rehydrate after exercise, but water is still the best option. If you fancy something with a little more flavour, try a homemade protein smoothie following our recipe above.


Fancy sorts drinks are more often than not filled to the brim of their fancy sports cap bottles with sugar, and are therefore an unhealthy option for rehydrating after exercise. Plain water is a much better option!

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