Fuel Your Body Right: 10 Foods to Steer Clear of After Working Out

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / April 4th, 2022

5. High Fibre Foods

high fibre foods

High fibre foods such as kale and broccoli are best avoided directly after exercise because of their effect on the gut. Fibre helps to keep the gut healthy by slowing down digestion so that nutrients can be absorbed properly. This makes it a very important nutrient, but not straight after a workout.

After a workout we need refuelling with foods such as lean proteins that are easily digested to replenish all that lost energy.

Fibre can also cause bloating, cramping and gas, which is uncomfortable at the best of times. But after exercise, when we’re tired and low on physical energy, it can feel even more uncomfortable. Instead, refuel on lean protein such as chicken breast, fish or tofu.


Fibre is an important nutrient for gut health but it can cause stomach discomfort and bloating, which can feel worse after exercise. Instead, keep fibrous foods for earlier or later in the day when you’re exercising.


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