How to Exfoliate Your Lips for a Perfect Pout – Expert Tips Inside

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / November 21st, 2022

What should you do after you use a lip scrub?


Once you’re done exfoliating your lips, you shouldn’t quit, as lip care doesn’t end just because you stop scrubbing. Regularly applying lip balm will help to keep the moisture levels in your lips topped up – but don’t just pick up any old product, as not all balms are equal. Look for ingredients that will supercharge your lips, like moisture retaining and pout plumping hyaluronic acid, fatty acids such as hemp, or ceramides which plump and condition.

Remember, if you’re going to be going out in the sun or wind, you should always wear a lip balm containing an SPF of at least 30. Your lips have no natural sun protection and so they can burn easily, or get chapped, making it essential you protect them.

Our editor’s pick of the 5 best lip balms for luscious lips

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If you’re looking for a classic 100% natural lip balm that will care for your lips you’ll love: Burt’s Bees Coconut and pear Lip balm
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If you need heavy duty moisturisation that just won’t quit, you’ll love: Body Shop Hemp Lip balm
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If you need SPF to shield your lips from sun or wind burn, you’ll love: Salt and Stone SPF 30 Mineral Lipbalm
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If your lips need serious repair or are especially parched, you’ll love: Aquaphor Lip Ointment
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