How to Exfoliate Your Lips for a Perfect Pout – Expert Tips Inside

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / November 21st, 2022

Why should you exfoliate your lips?

why exfoliate

Incorporating lip exfoliation into your self-care routine is an important part of good grooming and you should think of this task as every bit as essential as filing your nails, or scrubbing the rest of your body. Lips need lots of help and this area tends to show signs of age faster – but exfoliation can make a big difference in how young your lip area looks. By regularly sloughing off the old cells on your lips to reveal the healthier, smoother skin beneath, you’ll not only get a much better looking pout but your lips will stay looking younger for longer!

As well as exfoliating your lips regularly, make sure to keep them moisturised with a luscious lip balm and drink lots of water as this will help your lips stay hydrated from the inside. Never pick at your lips and don’t nibble or bite them either – and if you’re going to be outdoors, always apply a lip balm with sunscreen to protect from the sun and wind.

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