15 Ways to Help You Cope With Anxiety

By Carole Tucker / Lifestyle / December 23rd, 2019

Go for a Walk

go for a walk, relieve anxiety

We think more clearly when we walk. The business world is beginning to embrace ‘walking meetings’, where it’s thought the mind focuses better on issues and decision making.

The amygdala is the part of the brain which is responsible for our decision making processes, however, it also controls our anxiety levels. So, if we are faced with making multiple decisions at one time, we will become anxious. Research has shown that the part of our brain responsible for anxiety cannot multitask, therefore concentrating on the simple, single act of walking helps alleviate anxiety.

Our days are busy. Problems mount and we don’t have time to deal with them. However, when we walk, we tend to think through problems individually. Walking in nature is even more beneficial for alleviating anxiety, as it increases our oxytocin levels (happy hormone). The Japanese started the trend of forest bathing in the 1980s; it’s now practised globally, with people slowly walking through a canopy of trees allowing all five senses to come into play, helping to clear the mind. If you don’t live near open expanses of nature, walk to the local park and soak up the atmosphere.


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