15 Ways to Help You Cope With Anxiety

By Carole Tucker / Lifestyle / December 23rd, 2019

Keep a Diary or Journal

keep a diary, relieve anxiety

Journaling or writing a diary is a very effective tool against anxiety. Putting pen to paper enables us to write down what is worrying us before our minds can get hold of it and blow it up out of all proportion. There are those who suppress unpleasant experiences and thoughts, as dealing them with is too much to bear.

Memories of these experiences can fester and become a serious issue over the years. One way to deal with this is to write them down. Many people who write journals say it feels as if they’ve transferred their problem on to the written or typed page.

Having put the problems that are causing you anxiety into print, you next task is to read your words of wisdom. It may surprise you to find that reading your thoughts back makes you realise that what sounded logical before it was in print, now looks totally illogical. Journaling helps you put things in perspective.

Another powerful result gained from journaling is it helps you bring to the surface those subconscious and unrealistic thoughts which are making you anxious. Only when these thoughts have surfaced, can you change them. Make time to write in your diary or journal and see how it helps you gain perspective on problems and issues that are causing you anxiety.


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