15 Ways to Help You Cope With Anxiety

By Carole Tucker / Lifestyle / December 23rd, 2019

Daily Meditation

daily meditation, relieve anxiety

Meditation has been practised for millennia in India. The practice slowly made its way to the western world via China and Japan, but it wasn’t until the 18th century that it became a topic of conversation among western philosophers. The restorative powers of meditation and it’s ability to place the body in a state of deep relaxation and the mind in a state of tranquillity, were not widely recognised until the 20th century.

Daily meditation is a simple and effective way to relieve anxiety and stress. No equipment is needed, and you can do it anywhere. The more practised you become, the more you’ll find you can meditate almost anywhere – on the bus, in the gym or even in a meeting.

Focus-attention meditation is often considered the best for those suffering from anxiety. This form of meditation helps you to clear your mind of clutter and thoughts by concentrating on a particular object, word or sound or by focusing on each breath you take. It forces you to get rid of distractions and distracting thoughts, by focusing your thoughts on one simple task or object. This act helps to alleviate anxiety by calming the mind.


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