8 Ways Your Smartphone Could Be Damaging Your Health


It Impacts Our Mental Health

The impact of smartphones on mental health is not fully understood yet, but it seems that too much screen time can lead to depression and anxiety. The main reason would be that we can actually get addicted to screen time. So how do we get to know if someone is addicted? The red flag is when a person uses his/her cell phone most of the time, unable to cut back on the usage, using it as a solution to boredom or feeling anxious or depressed when their phone is out of range (US National Library of Medicine).

We can also get anxious or depressed because of the social media platforms. They can be a great tool, for instance we love them for recipes, but unfortunately they aren’t always good for our self-esteem. Indeed, many people tend to compare themselves to others on social media platforms which can lead to really negative thinking, as we may feel like ‘our life could be so much better if’. Moreover, body image is today overexposed online and young women and adolescent sometimes get depressed comparing their figures to others, which can lead to poor eating behaviours. Comparing yourself to others is really unhealthy, so don’t give people’s feed too much importance okay? You’ll get more satisfaction from chatting with your friends or watching a nice movie than scrolling down Instagram.

The Bottom Line
Smartphones have only been in widespread use for the past 15 years, and researchers are still conducting studies to fully understand how they impact our physical and mental health.

In this article we have decided to raise awareness on the negative aspects of smartphones, however it is also important that we remember the positive role they can have in our lives. From mindfulness apps, health trackers, to the monitoring of disease treatment for conditions such as diabetes, or apps that help us track our medication, it seems reasonable to assume that smartphones also play a critical role in improving our health.

Like everything, smartphones can be a real asset in our lives as long as we don’t overuse them. So make sure to limit your screen time, set up a night mode and put your phone away when meeting with your friends, so you can truly connect with them. And please, don’t compare yourself to others! You’re awesome so spend your energy on loving yourself.

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Author: eloise
Date: 24 February 2019