10 Best Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / August 31st, 2022

8. Limit refined foods and alcohol

Limit refined foods and alcohol

Refined foods, such as white flour, soda and cookies are known to worsen IBS symptoms, as is caffeine and alcohol has been proven to trigger flare ups. Dairy, fried foods, a high protein diet, and too much insoluble fibre can also cause gastrointestinal issues, so avoiding these foods and beverages could lead to a significant improvement in symptoms, if you have IBS.

If you’re unsure what foods are worsening your IBS, why not try cutting them out one by one to see if it makes a difference in the severity of your symptoms? Once you see an improvement, you’ll know you’ve identified at least one of the culprits that is triggering your IBS and you can then continue experimenting to see if you can discover any others. Scientists have found that following the FODMAP diet, an eating regime low in fermentable carbohydrates, can help to improve symptoms, though it can be extremely restrictive, and it might not even be necessary for all IBS sufferers.

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