PCOS: 8 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / February 13th, 2023

Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

Balancing Your Hormones Naturally

PCOS is an uncomfortable and difficult condition but as we’ve highlighted in our 8 strategies, there are ways you can manage symptoms and boost your health. Many PCOS sufferers find that a combination of supplementation, diet and exercise goes a long way to helping improve their wellbeing, decreasing symptoms like anxiety and cramping and helping to normalise the menstrual cycle.

If you suffer from severe recurrent monthly cramps, as a result of PCOS, then as well as the tips we’ve already listed, you could try several other powerful natural remedies. Acupuncture could help to relieve painful periods and Evening Primrose Oil may help to ease PMS symptoms, while herbal teas, such as ginger, peppermint and chamomile, can ease bloating and cramping and help you to relax. Though there is not yet any scientific evidence that proves these particular natural treatments will work, many women with PCOS claim they have found relief from them.

In the long run, though PCOS can bring you down, especially when you are experiencing a flare up, there are many natural and effective ways it can be treated. These natural remedies can help you improve everything from insulin resistance to high blood pressure, stress, and painful periods – helping you avoid becoming dependent on conventional medications and allowing you to stay on top of symptoms and get the most out of every day.

Remember – if you have PCOS, then before embarking on any major diet or exercise changes or embarking on a supplementation regime, you should always consult your doctor, especially if you are taking any medications, or have another, co-existing health condition.

This article was medically reviewed by Shahzeen, B MedSc/MHumNutr.

Shahzeen is a registered nutritionist and PCOS expert. She is educated with a B MedSc/MHumNutr and helped over 300 women reverse their PCOS symptoms. Connect with her on Instagram or through her website.

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