10 Popular Foods You Should Never Eat After 50

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / April 10th, 2023

So what’s the best diet to eat after 50?

Once you reach 50, nutrition is ultra-important, so aim for a diet rich in antioxidants to compensate for your body’s reduced nutrient absorption rate. Eat plenty of antioxidant foods, such as beans, dark green leafy veg, nuts, and avocados along with protein such as lean meat, cottage cheese and oily fish. Carbs should be wholegrain, like brown rice, wholemeal bread, bulgar wheat and quinoa. Don’t forget berries, as they are chock full of antioxidant power – one study found that eating just 100g of cranberries a day helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Eating this way is known as the mediterranean diet – and it’s widely known that this is one of the healthiest diets to follow, particularly if you’re in your 50’s or older. By eating this diet regularly, you’ll not only be lowering your chance of developing age-related diseases, you’ll be slowing down the ageing process and extending the length of your life!

As well as being loaded with over 50’s friendly nutrients, antioxidant rich foods have the power to mop up the free radicals we’re exposed to daily, due to their neutralising effect. Free radicals are everywhere, from computer screens to air pollution and the chemicals in toiletries and cleaning products – but consuming an antioxidant rich diet helps to undo some of the damage.

If you want to feel younger for longer, lower your cancer risk and stave off excess weight gain, dementia and stroke, it’s important to eat right and exercise in moderation. Taking supplements for vitamins that can’t be found in regular foods is also a good idea.

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You might have celebrated your 50th already , but by regularly eating a healthy diet loaded with nutrients, you’ll ensure you have plenty more happy (and healthy) birthdays to celebrate!

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