10 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Great

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / January 9th, 2023

Eating More Vegetables

Eating More Vegetables

Eating more vegetables doesn’t have to be a chore if you have a few handy tricks up your sleeve to make them taste great. Veggies are bursting with goodness and by making some simple swaps, like switching boiling for roasting or air frying, you’ll not only boost you and your family’s health, you’ll serve up better tasting (and looking) veg – every time.

Children often refuse the vegetables served on their plate but follow our useful hacks to blend them into delicious dips, smoothies and juices, or sneak them into meals like bolognese and you’ll easily up their intake. Maximise the taste of your vegetables by adding in spices, herbs, and oils – and include a diverse range of veg in all your meals – which is much easier to achieve when you shop in season for produce.

As our top 10 tips highlight, getting more veg in your life doesn’t have to mean you wind up eating boring or bland food – as with just a little creativity, you can effortlessly amp up the flavour. Get experimenting, as there are many recipes out there made for vegetarian and vegan cooks and you can use these to discover inventive ways to include more vegetables in all your dishes.

If you can incorporate just one or two of our tips into your regular meal prep, you’ll soon find you’re easily upping your daily quota of veg. Remember – don’t throw away the leftover parts of your vegetables – as you can use these for composting, or turn them into a healthy veggie stock or broth!

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