10 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Great

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / January 9th, 2023

2. Add In Some Flavour With Herbs

Add In Some Flavour With Herbs

Herbs can make a big difference to the taste of your vegetable dishes and while you can add in dried herbs from your spice rack, it’s better to use fresh, when you can. You can even grow your own and the good thing is, you can do this even if you’re short on space, as herbs like rosemary and coriander can be nurtured in small window boxes.

However, if you really don’t have the time to go down the DIY route you can still access fresh herbs easily – just browse the stalls of your local market, or pick up some from your local supermarket. Garnishing veg with fresh (or dried) herbs means you’ll be adding in a host of health benefits – from memory boosting rosemary to blood pressure lowering thyme and antioxidant sage. Herbs like dill and mint can be used to garnish your vegetables after they’ve been cooked, while oregano, parsley and basil can be dusted lightly over your vegetables before you choose to roast, grill or air fry.

Why not try sauteing asparagus with some basil, parsley and tomato for a delicious accompaniment to a salmon dish, or how about vinegar roasted beetroot with rosemary and thyme? Alternatively, you can check out this versatile herb roasted vegetable recipe, as it can be customised to suit your preferences, depending on the veggies you’ll be cooking to accompany your meals.

The combinations you can come up with by tapping into the power of herbs are endless and the only limit is your imagination – we say experiment with some herby flavour combos to see what tastes the best!


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