10 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Great

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / January 9th, 2023

6. Make Veggie Chips and Dips

Make Veggie Chips and Dips

While not everyone’s a vegetable fan, nearly everyone loves chips, so if you’re finding it hard to get little ones to eat more veg, why not try turning veggies into fries instead? You don’t have to limit yourself to the humble white potato – sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and even zucchinis can all be cut into strips, then roasted to create the perfect, healthy snack.

Add some sea salt, black pepper and some balsamic vinegar for the ideal meal between meals – superb during long winter months when everyone needs some warming up. Or, serve up with a dip such as guacamole or sour cream for a tasty munch that kids and adults alike will love. Check out this homemade sour cream and onion dip recipe that can be created in just 20 mins, for a fuss free snack accompaniment that will take your chip game to the next level!

You can also make raw veggie “fries”, then pair them with dips by cutting veg into strips and serving. Cucumber, bell peppers, carrots and celery are ideal for this purpose but you could also try raw broccoli, or radish. Serve at parties or as a starter or accompaniment to your meals to encourage small fingers to dip in and enjoy more healthy veggie goodness.


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