10 Science-Based Detox Tips That Really Work


When is a good time to detox? It simply depends on you and your habits. For many, winter is a time of the year where you get impacted by the weather and where poor nutrition habits can creep up on you (I end up eating way too much chocolate and drink more). Christmas holiday especially provides a lot of excess that can have a spillover into the following months. When you combine this with working out less (which we often do when it’s cold) you have a bad combination as we don’t eliminate toxins as well as usual. Spring is a good time to move into a more detoxifying and cleansing phase to shake off the doldrums of winter, but so as autumn if you had a summer heavy in junk foods and alcohol.

There is a lot of controversy regarding detox and whether it’s actually necessary to do it. Yes, it is important to detox because even if the body has its own natural ways of detoxing (liver, sweat, urine), we are regularly eating foods or consuming drinks which aren’t natural and are polluting our body, which can have long-term damaging effects. Sometimes our vital organs work too hard to get rid of the toxins these foods bring and need a break. A detox diet is a great way to take the pressure off our organs, so we can keep them strong for the future.

Bear in mind there are dangerous detox that you shouldn’t do as they’ll deprive your body from important nutrients. Read our tips for a natural and healthy detox that will have great benefits for your skin and your physical health.

Author: eloise
Date: 31 March 2019

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