Snack Your Way to Better Health: Why Nuts Could Improve Your Wellbeing

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / July 24th, 2023

Which Nuts Should You Eat Every Day?


So, as you can see, these small, unassuming wholefoods are anything but boring. Packed with essential nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and protein, nuts are filling, healthy and beneficial to so many aspects of our health.

Whole, crushed, powdered or chopped; we recommend eating a diverse range of different nuts each week. A handful of mixed nuts a day is ideal for obtaining the maximum profile of different nutrients.

Eat them as a mid-afternoon snack, sprinkled on your lunchtime salad or add them to curries and other savoury dishes.

They can be added to smoothies too; whizz them up in a high powered blender or smoothie maker alongside your favourite breakfast smoothie ingredients. Nut butters, made using peanuts, cashews or almonds (and not much else) also count, and go great in a smoothie or on wholemeal toast.

Avoid salted nuts, or nuts that have been through processing to add flavourings such as dry roasted peanuts or sweet chilli coated cashews, or save them for an occasional treat, otherwise you’ll be consuming too much salt and artificial flavourings.

Instead, opt for minimally processed, unsalted, unflavoured whole nuts, either raw or plain roasted.

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