The 10 Best Supplements for Managing Anxiety

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / January 23rd, 2023

10. Vitamin D

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take

Known as the sunshine vitamin because the body manufactures it when UV light from the sun reaches our skin, vitamin D is important for the health of our bones, teeth and muscles. Foods such as egg yolks and oily fish contain some vitamin D, but the majority comes from UV light synthesis.

It’s now known that vitamin D is also important for our mental health, including how well we regulate our moods. A deficiency in vitamin D is linked to seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, a type of seasonal depression brought on in part by short daylight hours and long nights.

A vitamin D deficiency is common amongst UK adults, especially in the autumn and winter months, when we’re less likely to expose our skin to the sun and UV light isn’t as abundant. Studies now show that having a vitamin D deficiency can make us more likely to develop depression and anxiety.

However, further studies show that taking a high dose daily vitamin D supplement can help to improve the symptoms of anxiety.

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