The 10 Best Supplements for Managing Anxiety

By Hannah de Gruchy / Lifestyle / January 23rd, 2023

2. Chamomile

Chamomile tea

Many ‘sleepy’ herbal teas designed to be consumed before bed contain chamomile, and for good reason – this flower has been proven to have calming, anti-anxiety properties, making it ideal for helping us switch off and go to sleep.

It’s thought that taking a more concentrated form of chamomile flower than chamomile tea, in the form of supplements, could be even more effective at helping us manage the symptoms of anxiety. One study found that those who struggled with moderate to severe anxiety could “significantly reduce their symptoms” by taking 1,500mg of pharmaceutical grade chamomile extract compared to a placebo.

Further studies have backed this up, with one concluding that chamomile extract has anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) properties which in addition “may [also] produce clinically meaningful antidepressant effects”.

Most studies involving chamomile flower have studied the effects of chamomile supplements, available from health food stores, that contain more concentrated active ingredients than chamomile tea. If you’ve tried chamomile tea with no significant effect, it may be worth trying chamomile supplements to see if they have more benefit to you.


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