10 Foods You Need to Eat for a Glowing Complexion

By Hannah de Gruchy / Beauty / July 6th, 2022

6. Mango


Mango butter is a common ingredient used in skincare products. Made by extracting oil from the seeds of the mango tree, it’s indulgently rich and feels great when smoothed onto the skin.

But did you know that mango can support the skin from the inside too? Eating mango means flooding the body with vitamins, minerals and more of those skin-loving, glow-boosting antioxidants.

Mangos are rich in a particular antioxidant called mangiferin that helps to protect the skin cells from the damage caused by the UV light from the sun. Sun damage causes skin ageing which can cause the skin to lose its natural glow. So, from here on in, mangos shall be renamed manglows!


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