I Got Incredible Insights From This Finger-Prick Blood Test At Home


By: Eloise Reyns | November 2020

Do you go to the GP for a blood test every year? If, like me, you live an hectic life, it’s probably the last thing on your mind.  

But exercising and eating well isn’t enough unfortunately… We also need to take control of our health by preventing any future issues and this means getting a blood test each year. There are multiple things blood tests can detect: vitamins deficiencies, how well organs such as the kidneys, liver, thyroid, and heart are working, and diagnose diseases and conditions such as cancer, diabetes, anemia and coronary heart disease.

Though I totally get that you don’t have time to fit an appointment in your really busy schedule. But good news, there is now the possibility to take a blood sample from the comfort of your own home and send it to the lab yourself. Thriva is one of these fab’ new brands setting the trend and I decided to give it a go! Here is what I found. 



Thriva is a company based in Surrey (England) created in 2016. The website is very easy to use, allowing you to keep track of your health and prevent diseases that could occur as you age. The site will ask you to complete a very detailed health test which takes in average 20 minutes. They take in consideration how much you exercise, drink and how well you eat, and cross this with your blood test results.

Thriva will send you a package with everything you need to take a finger-prick blood sample and post it to their lab. You pay a custom price for a personalised blood test.


Register to the site is free, you can also take a health test for free and get blood tests recommendations and results predictions based on your answers.

You’ll need to take a subscription to receive your finger-prick blood test kit at home. The average cost per test package is £69 and you get 10% off your first test. I paid £80 because I wanted to add a thyroid function test.

What’s included in the test

The blood test is personalised which means you can add or remove any element that doesn’t interest you. You can test a wide range of things from vitamins to thyroid function, liver function and heart function.

The test

I received the finger-prick blood test kit in less than 5 working days. The instructions were clear and practical. 

Make sure to get your blood flowing first, do light exercise, drink water, have a hot shower or put your hand in warm water. 

To take the blood sample, you need to prick your finger which doesn’t hurt but it’s probably easier if you ask a friend or partner to do it for you. 3 pricks are included in the kit in case you struggle. The issue I encountered is that the tubes that need to contain your blood sample are quite narrow and I’ve struggled to actually get the blood to drop in there at first – and kind of made a bit of a mess! Yet, I managed in the end, it just takes a bit of practice.

After taking your sample you just need to label it and place the pre-paid envelope in the priority post box.

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How to do your test | Thriva

The results

Thriva sent my results within 6 days (I’ve done the test on a Saturday and received the results on the next Friday). 

The report is very clear and gives you a score for each thing analysed. For example, my liver enzymes are at an optimal level but my bad cholesterol is too high. The doctor writes a little summary at the top of the report and advises what to do if you have bad results (in my case stop eating so many croissants!).

I am really pleased with Thriva, it’s more cost effective than going to a private GP in London. It can take some practice to take your blood sample properly but I feel like I’ll probably be more efficient the next time. It’s nice to take your sample at home and receive your results by email a few days later. However you wait a little longer than if you went to a private GP for the results (usually they send you results within 48h).

Fantastic service. Accurate results. Fast service. Also had all my queries answered super quickly by very kind and attentive professionals. Jenny

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