8 Tips To Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

By Beck Robertson / Lifestyle / January 3rd, 2023

5. Make Healthy Meals That Taste Great

Make healthy meals that taste great for weight loss

Making delicious, healthy food means you’ll be more likely to maintain your weight loss goals, as if you don’t enjoy your meals, you’ll soon slip into old eating habits. Eating healthier doesn’t have to mean going without, especially if you spice things up a bit, so try a little creativity and add some flavour to your food.

Vegetables and salads are super healthy and low calorie but they can also taste absolutely delicious with some seasoning, or a splash of hemp or olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Jazz up lean meats, like turkey or chicken by serving with slices of avocado on a bed of rocket, onion and baby plum tomatoes, then add a twist of lemon and some basil and olive oil for an ultra-healthy, delicious snack.

Whether you’re a hardcore carnivore, or you’re currently a committed vegetarian or vegan, by getting inventive with food and making as many meals as you can from scratch, you’ll be assisting your weight loss. This is because ready prepared foods often come loaded with extra calories, not to mention unhealthy additives, chemicals, extra sugar, and salt. By taking back control and whipping up your own meals, you’ll find it easier to cut back where you need to – and this doesn’t have to involve hours spent slaving over the stove. Even a homemade cheese sandwich is usually healthier than one you could grab in a supermarket, and some of the simplest meals are the most delicious, not to mention diet friendly. Take a look at this mouth-watering Turkey Chilli, or try your hand at this tempting Tuna Casserole, which only takes 20 minutes preparation and cooking time!

One study, conducted by John Hopkins University found that people that ate home cooked foods consume fewer calories than those who didn’t, so make your own food as much as possible and use fresh, natural ingredients and your body will thank you for doing so.


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