What is the Keto Diet and Should I Try it?

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / October 31st, 2022

What is a Sample Keto Meal Plan?

What is a Sample Keto Meal Plan

Your personal tastes and preferences will obviously be a factor here, but here’s a few different meal ideas for the week that make the most of keto foods:


• Ham, spinach and mushroom frittata
• Courgette, bacon and egg muffins
• Chia pudding with berries
• Tomato, cheese and spinach omelette


• Greek salad with chicken and avocado
• Chicken and avocado pesto salad
• Minced beef lettuce tacos
• Baked salmon and broccoli


• Grilled chicken with pesto, cream cheese and broccoli
• Beef bolognaise with courgette “spaghetti”
• One pot fish curry with cauliflower “rice”
• Spanish chicken tray bake with chorizo and peppers


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