Why I Start My Day With a Glass Of Hot Water

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / March 1st, 2023

Is it true that hot water can speed up weight loss?

Did you know that if you glug a couple of cups of hot water soon after you get up in the morning, you could boost your metabolic rate by raising your body’s temperature?

Boosting your metabolism means you increase the speed at which your body can burn calories – which is great news if you’re looking to lose weight! Though hot water can’t make you shed the pounds on its own, research has found that staying hydrated definitely aids weight loss. For optimum fat-shredding, you should ideally combine exercise and a healthy diet but this handy hot water trick could certainly give you a little extra boost.

There’s another benefit to drinking hot water if you want to get trim too – as it can make you feel more full up, so you snack less and eat less at mealtimes, plus you can drink it instead of a higher calorie beverage, such as tea or coffee with sugar and cream. On top of all this, as your body has to expend excess energy to cool down hot liquids, it uses up a few more calories. All things considered, if your goal is to lose weight, there could be several benefits to drinking your water hot.


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