The 10 Best Foods to Slow Down Ageing

By Beck Robertson / Beauty / October 24th, 2022

9. Red peppers

Red peppers

The red pepper is one of nature’s most antioxidant-rich foods but its most important ingredient is capsanthin, which is where it derives its deep red colour from. Researchers have discovered that capsanthin can reverse the signs of ageing that show up on your face and body – but this wonder active also helps your skin to repair itself more effectively and guard against UV damage.

Studies also show that capsanthin is a powerful anti-inflammatory, while other research demonstrates its anti-tumor effect on cancerous cells. If you suffer from age-related arthritis, the red pepper is also a superb addition to your daily diet- as it’s high in beta-cryptoxanthin, a beneficial carotenoid, as well as vitamin C, which helps to synthesise the collagen that keeps joints supple.

This underrated yet nutritionally dense vegetable is also high in fibre and low in calories, and, as well as capsanthin, it’s a rich source of vitamins A, C, potassium and folic acid. Red peppers are affordable and have multiple uses, from delicious pizza toppings to crunchy additions to pasta or salads!

If you can , it’s better to get your daily requirement of vitamins and nutrients from food, rather than supplements, but to do this you need to eat foods with a nutritionally rich profile. The red bell pepper meets this criteria – just one a day provides your quota of Vitamin A and C, helping to strengthen the immune system and keep skin looking younger for longer!


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