Breakfast LP

Breakfast: 15 Foods You Should Never Eat In The Morning

Our countdown of 15 foods that you should never start your day with will prevent you getting burned out by lunch and is full of unexpected surprises. What you eat for breakfast is extremely important, as it will impact on your mood, focus, and energy levels throughout the entire day. You may not know that some of these foods are a bad idea to break your fast with, but they are – we tell you what you should swerve, so you can set off on the right footing.

Sun 18 February 2024 |

10 Foods to Avoid When Trying to Lose Weight

What we choose to eat and how often we exercise can have a significant effect on our weight. Eating foods that are deemed “unhealthy” and high in saturated fat, salt and sugar, instead of healthier foods such as lean protein, fruits and vegetables, on a regular basis can mean that […]

Wed 14 February 2024 |
Foods to avoid over 50 LP

10 Popular Foods You Should Never Eat After 50

Discover the top 10 DANGER FOODS to avoid once you’re over 50 – discover why you should give these red flag foods a miss if you’ve hit your fifth decade. We reveal what foods over 50’s must cut out or limit, to live longer, stay healthy and lower your chance of stroke, dementia, cancer and diabetes.

Mon 10 April 2023 |
Benefits of Avocados LP

Avocado: a Superfood for Weight Loss and Heart Health

Avocado nutrition secrets laid bare – everything you need to know about this natural superfood to ensure heart health, speed weight loss, and aid depression. Avocado benefits are numerous and if you eat this creamy tasting fruit regularly, you’ll boost both body and mind. We reveal why avocados deserve a place in your shopping basket and suggest ways to enjoy this prickly pear-shaped fruit!

Mon 07 November 2022 |
Keto diet LP

What is the Keto Diet and Should I Try it?

Despite this reliance on dietary fat, studies suggest that following a keto diet could help us lose weight. So, is this true? If so, how do we follow a keto diet, what keto foods should we eat and which foods should we avoid…?

Mon 31 October 2022 |

Dinner: 10 Foods You Should Never Eat in the Evening

These are the 10 foods that MUST be avoided before bed if you want to enjoy good quality sleep and avoid gaining weight. We’ve rounded up some of the worst culprits so you know what you should pass on to achieve uninterrupted rest and stay lean. We cover all the foods that you should swerve – from the obvious, like alcohol to the more surprising, like ice cream!

Thu 04 August 2022 |

15 High Carb Foods That Are Healthy

We list the top healthy high carb foods you should be eating regularly, to get sustained energy without a dramatic sugar high. Discover the difference between good carbs and unhealthy carbs and learn why you need some carbohydrate in your diet to stay in the best shape. With our list of 15 affordable, healthy high carb foods, you’ll know exactly what not to eat and what to choose instead.

Thu 26 May 2022 |
Post workout foods

Fuel Your Body Right: 10 Foods to Steer Clear of After Working Out

Find out the 10 worst foods to eat after any exercise session so you can swerve them and maximise your fitness. Discover why these secret workout saboteurs are such a big no no and learn what they do to your body when you eat them after working out. We reveal the top 10 bad post-gym foods and tell you what to replace them with to re-nourish properly instead.

Mon 04 April 2022 |

29 Best Fat Burning Foods to Include in Your Diet

If you’re looking to burn fat, you’ll LOVE our list of 29 fat burning superfoods, which will help you lose weight faster and stay sleek. Weight loss is often a huge struggle but when you eat right, it’s much easier – certain foods rev up the metabolism and we tell you what they are. These 29 foods will totally revolutionise your diet- so why not take our list with you the next time you go shopping?

Sun 17 February 2019 |