Breakfast: 15 Foods You Should Never Eat In The Morning

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / February 18th, 2024

13. Pop Tarts

Pop tart, 15 Breakfast Foods that Can Ruin Your Day

Pop Tarts first hit our breakfast tables sometime in the 1990s in the UK and wow did they become popular! They’re convenient, tasty and full of fun, but that’s where the good stuff ends. These exciting breakfasts-in-one are loaded with white, processed flour, artificial colourings and sugar – lots of it, around four teaspoons per Pop Tart.

As adults, we might crave a nostalgic look back to our childhood when we didn’t have to worry about the perils of sugar for breakfast. But opting for a Pop Tart for breakfast (or giving them to our kids) should really only be on a very occasional basis.

Starting the day with so much sugar will inevitably give us that high octane sugar rush, followed by the even more inevitable crash where we feel lethargic and foggy brained, craving the next sugar hit. We’re then more likely to make more unhealthy choices throughout the day.

But not only that. Consuming a high sugar diet can cause health problems such as weight gain and high blood sugar levels, which can have more bad consequences further down the line. So keep the fun, artificially coloured, sugary breakfast ideas (that also lack many other nutrients of any benefit to our health) to the rare treat.


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