15 High Carb Foods That Are Healthy

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / May 26th, 2022

14. Apples


With such a huge variety, apples come in all levels of sweetness and crispness, and even in some varieties, tartness. They’re delicious eaten straight from the tree, added to breakfast cereals and baked into tarts, pies and crumbles.

Rich in fibre (as long as you eat the delicious skin) and water, apples are surprisingly good at filling us up as a healthy snack between meals. The fibre in apples helps to slow down the absorption of other carbs in the diet, which in turn helps to stabilise blood sugar levels.

This could be good news for protecting against developing type 2 diabetes as fibre has been shown to help improve the way the body deals with sugar management.


One medium apple, complete with its skin, contains around 25g of carbohydrates. Apples are rich in belly filling fibre and water and make a great, healthy snack between meals.


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