12 Foods You Should Never Eat for Lunch

By Beck Robertson / Nutrition / June 28th, 2023

11. Supermarket Sandwiches

Supermarket sandwiches

It might be easy to pick up a premade sandwich but it’s not a good choice at lunch, as they usually contain a lot of extra salt and sugar, as well as additives to keep them looking fresh. The bread will also typically be highly processed – and as for the filling, that will generally be low protein, smothered in mayonnaise – and low in nutritional value.

While it might only take a minute to grab a premade sandwich and just a little longer to consume one, this snack won’t be enough to keep you going into the afternoon. You’ll start to feel sluggish and tired faster than if you’d made another lunch choice and you could even experience brain fog. This is because you won’t have fed your body all the fuel, vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep you running at peak.

When that happens, your work rate will slow and you’ll begin to crave more food. This could lead you to making further unhealthy choices, as you’ll be tempted to grab fast energy but blood sugar spiking foods, such as chocolate bars, which could lead to a big crash later.

Rather than popping to the local sandwich bar, or picking up a pre-packed sandwich in the canteen, it’s much better to make your own sandwich at home. Instead of sweeteners, too much salt, and lashings of sugar, you can choose healthier fillings like lean chicken, homemade tomato salsa and wholemeal bread, for a lunch that will give you steady levels of energy all day.


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