15 High Carb Foods That Are Healthy

By Hannah de Gruchy / Nutrition / May 26th, 2022

8. Buckwheat


Despite its name, buckwheat isn’t actually a form of wheat, or even a grain at all. In fact, it’s a seed, and it’s naturally gluten free, great for anyone following a gluten free diet. Buckwheat can be used in place of rice or pasta, or it can be added to stews and soups for extra texture.

It’s highly nutritious, and a good source of protein and fibre and is thought to contain more beneficial minerals and antioxidants than many other grains.

Studies have also found links between eating buckwheat and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. These studies continue in order to find the reasons, but it’s thought that a diet rich in healthy carbs such as buckwheat could reduce our chances of developing risk factors for heart disease such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels.


One cup of cooked buckwheat contains around 25g of carbohydrate. Eating buckwheat on a regular basis may help to reduce our risk of heart disease and other chronic conditions.


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